Yo Mamma was a troll who arrived in the summer of 2012. He quickly began flaming other trolls, like Doctor Facepalm, Crazy Fish, and Coprolite, though in the case of the latter, he and Coprolite later became friends. He continously insulted Doctor Facepalm in an effort to get him off of the forum, but his weak trolling was no match for Dr. Facepalm's persistence. Another one of his targets was JMD, an even weaker troll than he. JMD, unlike Dr. Facepalm, was easily trolled by Yo Momma. JMD got so angry that he began raging on the forum. Yo Momma was no match for most of the other trolls on the forum, and eventually left Topix. He still can be seen from time to time, although he is mostly ignored

Class 2 troll- Makes weak impersonations, sometimes insults others, and annoys some users.