Tsar vs Castle Bravo was a minor fanboy who arrived in September 2011. When he arrived, he quickly spammed the forum with Giganotosaurus fanboyism.

He also impersonated other trolls such as Giganotosaurus Fan and Pincus Shain. Although the older users ignored him, he was constantly fed by younger users, fueling him. Tsar vs Castle continued to troll up until The Second Topix Civil War in December 2011, were he began escalating the rate of his trollings. (Although his insults still remained very minimal, usually "Stupid", "Idiot" or "Retard".) In the later stages of the Second Topix Civil War, when the forum began to get on it's feet, Tsar left for unkown reasons. 

He, under the name of JAM, returned once again as a minor fanboy in April 2012, during the Topix Cold War. He posted a few fanboyish remarks, and flamed a few users. Luckily, however, he was flamed heavily by several of the remaining contributors, causing him to leave. He occasionally made posts throughout 2012, although he was mostly ignored.

During the Topix Australia Forum Invasion, he returned under the name Huckleberry Fin and began creating many spam polls referencing "the forums biggest mook", a spam poll made by Andrink in February 2012. He created nearly one hundred of these, and filled the entire first page of TDF with "mook threads". The name he did this under, Huckleberry Fin, was a reference to a previous troll, Tom Sawyer, a troll clone of Fegelein, who also created many "mook" spam polls.

It is possible that his name is a reference to the Tsar Bomba and Castle Bravo, two of the most powerful nuclear weapons ever created.