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Troodon64 formerly known as Troodon88 or Trooodon8888, is a Topix Contributor who has been active on Topix since the fall of 2010. Originally a fanboy, he has become recognized as generally level headed, and has become a well recognized contributor.

Arrival Edit

After arriving in the summer of 2010, he was initially a fanboy, he received criticism for this and quickly changed his ways.

He quickly became associated with Collososaurus after making his first steps at not being a fanboy. He quickly started a rivalry with Razor Jaws (Nitrox), but after a while the rivalry deintensified and the grew a more mutual respect for one another, much of it had to do with Razor Jaws becoming a contributor. While he admits to formerly being Christian, he has never has tried converting others or "spreading the faith", which has been a problem on Topix from other Christians (Nitrox and Dinotrek27). He was absent for most of fall 2011 as he played American Football.

Arguements and Friendships Edit

After is return, he was shocked to find the absence of many of the users present before his departure. He again started siding up with Contributors like Mattking, Anomonyous, Balaur, and Zero Percent Wrong, who returned to the TDF in 2011 after a long absence. His religious arguments with Dinotrek27 and Nitrox and scientific arguments with the former fanboy Fusionsaurus Rex ceased.

Troodon64 finally created an official account on Topix after some difficulties signing up. He then tried to avoid provoking trolls like Weinerschnitzel Cranzer and even tried to turn him into a Contributor alongside many others, but after a long period of Cranzer trolling the forum, Troodon began to attack Cranzer for the mess he created in Topix. He now has an account on Imperial Palace by the same name and has begun contributing there along with many of the other users following the move to Imperial Palace. Since arriving on IP, Troodon has opened up as an agnostic and has began to develop stronger political views. While Troodon64 will still post in dinosaur related threads, his interest has shifted in favor of politics and social discussions.

Personality Edit

Troodon64 is an on-topic and friendly contributor currently active on Imperial Palace. He enjoys debating ideas (specifically politics and social issues), and will sometimes play devil's advocate in the love of sharing ideas and perspective. Troodon is IP's leading(and possibly only) advocate of drug legalization, specifically for marijuana and other less harmful illegal drugs.

Despite his account being named after Troodon, he shows little interest in the dinosaur. His favourite dinosaur is Tyrannosaurus. He has interest in tyrannosaurids, dromeosaurids, brachiosaurs, and allosaurids. He is rarely seen getting angry or upset even upon being insulted by trolls or fanboys, and keeps a cool head. His actively will rise and fall in a random fashion depending on how busy he is with work, school, and any other extracurricular activities he's involved with.