The Topix Golden Age was an period of stability on the Topix Dinosaur Forum lasting from mid-2007 to mid-2008. It was characterized by the presence of several of the forum's most historically respected contributors, and a wealth of on-topic discussions. It is considered the longest uninterrupted period of peace and stability in the forum's history.


The Topix Dinosaur Forum was created in mid-2006, and in its first year, gradually attracted contributors who were interested in discussing paleontology and paleobiology. These included the first notable users in the forum's history, such as WilferrelChristopher Pearsoll, Sakib, and Lord Vader

The culminative result was, one year later, the forum hosting a large, active userbase that participated in scientific conversations. 

Forum ActivityEdit

The forum's activity during the Golden Age is distinguished by a focus on scientific papers, informed conversations, and the discussion of relevant news. Contemporary users were articulate and analytical, very rarely participating in non-scientific threads or conversations. 

The forum's vast supply of active discussions and mature contributors drove away what few trolls did incur. Without any responses or arguments to feed their attention, these lone flamers would either grow frustrated and leave or integrate themselves into the community.

The absence of trolls also prevented the cycle of troll-feeding that became common in the later years of the forum. Newer users were therefore able to enter the community and experience a mature environment for discussion. Several of these new users, such as Big Al, Spino vs Rex XL and Predator X, often developed into respected contributors themselves.


The vigorous health of the forum fed an unfaltering growth in the userbase's population. While this was considered healthy at the time, as it diversified conversations and perspectives, it also increased the forum's online profile - and, therefore, its value as a target. 

By mid-2008, trolls had begun to comprise of a substantial portion of new users, gradually shuttering scientific discussions and spawning flame wars. In August 2008, the forum experienced its first substantial troll attack, officially ending the Golden Age.