The Topix Dark Ages was a period of time between November 2009, and August 2010, where contributing on the Topix Dinosaur Forum was made almost impossible, due to the constant onslaught by trolls such as Giganotosaurus Fan and Pincus Shain.

The Topix Dark Ages are often quoted as being the worst period in the Dinosaur Forum's history.

Build Up and Beginning Edit

The build up to the Topix Dark Ages began in August 2009, with the departure of Wilferrel, the forum's main fighter. Many trolls began to arrive, and in October, one of the most dangerous trolls dever on Topix, Giganotosaurus Fan arrived.

The WarsEdit

He beagn polluting threads with Giganotosaurus Fanboyism and insults towards other users. Topix War I was started to combat the growing number of trolls, including Giga Fan, and his new helper, OhyeahSpinoGiganotosaurus then known as "Ohyeah Spinogiganotosaurus". The war worked, Ohyeah changed his ways and joined the Topix community, while Giga Fan left the forum for a while.

However, Giganotosaurus Fan had succeeded in impersonating Spino King, and making many users believe he was Giga Fan.

Soon, however, Giga Fan returned, along with even more trolls. This resulted in Topix War II. After a while, the contributors were driven off of the forum. Later, Ernst Udet created the Topix Rebelion to fight Pincus in what would be known as Topix War III. The Rebelion was unsecesfull and they were defeated.

The End of the Dark AgesEdit

Further later, on January 15, 2010, Pincus disbanded his empire for unknown reasons. Topix then got a moderator, and the Topix Dark ages seemed to have come to an end. Though, in March 2010, the moderator left, and many trolls swarmed the forum, The remaining contributors, along with new arrivals, attempted to go on as normal, although many off-topic discussions formed.

In July 2010, Prehistopia was destroyed by Aequitas the Eliberator and his breif assault on Topix lead to the community's destabalisation. On-topix threads were snuffed out, and the Trolls left the forum due to Aequitas's presence. Following his departure, the forum began to recover, and Spinosaur King founded Imperial Palace to replace Prehistopia, and now that almost all of the trolls were gone, the Topix Dark Ages were declared officialy over.


For a long time, the Topix Dinosaur Forum flourished in a new era of peace, however, in early 2011, large ammounts of older users left. There desparture caused the spark of the The Second Topix Civil War, which ended in November 2011 with the founding of the Topix Republic.