The Topix Civil War, was a period after Topix War III. It occured only about a day after Ernst Udet's rebellion was destroyed and ended in June 2010, characterized mainly by many users randomly insulting each other.


The orgins of the war started amongst the confusion of the third war, when Ernst Udet's Rebellion was crushed. All across The Prehistopian Empire flame wars erupted as many users believed others to be traitors.

The Civil WarEdit

In Topix War III, after several clashes with Pincus Shain, the Texas Duo, PaudieN1 and the young Zero Percent Wrong, Ohyeah created a troll account "Carcharodontosaurus 101". Also, he often wrote under the guise of PaudieN1's father. He didn't cover his trails properly, and was easily exposed by many.  

In the Topix Civil War, he sought a new tactic: impersonate Zero Percent Wrong. He created a registered account, not changing the location. Many major contributors like Spinosaur King, Wilferrel, Spinodontosaurus and Lord of the Allosaurs who trusted Ohyeah, alongside a few minor members, supported him and bashed the less accepted Zero numerous times. However, Zero wasn't alone. He still had support, like from PaudieN1, Predator X, Stygimoloch, Spinoraptor, and interestingly, Pincus Shain and the Texas Duo. Zero was one of the members who disapproved of the Wars and did not claim himself to be of any "side".

Many users became enraged by this, some even leaving. Spinosaur King and LOTA desperately tried to calm things down, however soon it got out of hand. Despite trying to reassure Zero that they felt he wasn't guilty, the hollowness in their words could be detected. Even in more secure forums like Prehistopia people began arguing, particularly due to Zero finding out about his undeserved negative reputation in Prehistopia. Despite desperate attempts to control the chaos, minor flame wars broke out between users, and there was worry they might even grow into to all out flame wars.

Despite Spinosaur King's and LOTA's attempts to make the message clear that no one had betrayed each other, however it was of no use. Eventually Spinosaur King was forced to resort to his admin powers and make several threads explaining this on Prehistopia. The same thing happened on the other forums.


Finally, Spinosaur King and LOTA finally convinced most of the users that no one had betrayed them. They had lost. This settled down the conflict, and their hopes were risen they could contribute on the Prehistopian Empire in peace. The Civil War lasted from January to June 2010. It was rather destructive due to the amount of insult and spam threads created. Very few contributors remained on the Topix Dinosaur Forum, most of them fleeing to Prehistopia.