Faction Faction
Contributors Troll, Troll-feeders
Commander Commander
Enraged Giga pissin scot
Forces Forces

Enraged Giga





A Plot Device (Part Time)


pissin scot

The Experts Are Mistaken

A Plot Device (Part Time)

Billy Joe Jack


Outcome Outcome

Phyrric Victory, the trolls are defeated and exiled from the forum, however the forums stability is severely damaged and Dino Den is devastated, eventually abandoned.               

Phyrric Defeat, the trolls are defeated and exiled from the forum. However, the forums stability is severely ruptured and Dino Den is devastated, eventually abandoned.

The Second Topic Civil war was a time when the brief stability on the Topix Dinosaur forum which had existed from August 2010, was ruptured. In the months immediately following the end of the Topix Dark Ages, the forum flourished. However, in Spring 2011, many of the senior users left, and the consequences had a massive impact on the forum.

The BeginningEdit

The beginning of the civil war can be traced back to late spring 2011, when a large amount of the older users left, such as Spinosaur King and Spinodontosaurus. These contributors left due to the arrival of newer users, who often strayed off topic and fed trolls. After this, the forum collapsed into chaos, with users arguing amongst each other, claiming they were the cause of all the users leaving, and vice versa.

The Civil WarEdit

Throughout the arguing and offtopicness, even more users decided to leave as there was so much arguing it became difficult to stay on topic in a thread. Amongst this, new users kept arriving, and more and more chaos arrived, leaving only some of the newest users to use the forum. Trolling reached levels last seen during the Dark Ages, and the forum was, for a time, unusable. Throughout the civil war, many minor fanboys and spammers arrived and began trolling and spamming, however only one real major troll arrived: pissin scot. Scot began attacking the forum and spamming the wiki, however soon Enraged Giga reported scot to topix, were briefly a moderator passed by and banned him. Scot did return on Enraged Giga's own forum, and quickly trolled it harshly. However, after a brief struggle, Enraged Giga banned him.

Some users see this conflict as the beginning of a Topix Cold War which ultimately resulted in the abandonment of the forum.

The EndingEdit

Finnaly, after about a week of this "madness" (referd as by Mattking) , the forum began to get onto its unsteady feat. Some of the older users joined together and formed the Topix Republic, and used this to settle the conflict. Its simple guidelines helped stabilize the forum, and some of the veteran users returned to help out, and to teach the newer users what to do when faced with certain situations.

This Civil War was the most destructive of the two, occurring on multiple forums and resulting in several users leaving the TDF, some even the entire empire and the war also sparked the Topix Cold War.