The Prehistopia Empire was a large internet-based group of sites which were controlled or sued by the same people. The empire was quite large, spanning several forums and wikis.

Origins And FoundingEdit

The origins of the Prehistopia Empire can be traced back to Topix War III in late December 2010. The war resulted in the defeat of the dinosaur forum council, and the formation of the Troll Empire, Trolltopia. Many users fled to Stygimoloch's new forum, Imperial Hub. However, when Stygimoloch accepted Pincus Shain as a friend and believed the former troll's lies about Spinosaur King, many users were shocked at him.

Spinosaur King himself was disgusted, and started to make his own forum, Prehistopia, which would later serve as the central site of the empire. The Empire consisted of many minor forums, but the most notable are: Imperial Hub (Now abandoned), Paleo Place (Now abandoned), Prehistopa (Which was later hacked and then abandoned) and, in it's twilight days, the Topix Dinosaur Forum.

Rise to PopularityEdit

After the defeat of the Topix Rebellion, the remaining users decided to abandon the TDF to the trolls. After Stygimoloch accepted Pincus Shain as a friend, Spinosaur King founded Prehistopia. Many users were shocked by Stygimoloch's actions, and left Imperial Hub and joined Prehistopia. The user PaudieN1 founded his own forum, Paleo Place, which would serve as a secondary forum to the empire. 

Many other users began creating there own forums, which though never rising to the popularity of Prehistopia or Paleo Place, began drawing in new users. Contributions and troll free discussions flourished during this time period, eventually surpassing the number of users ever on the TDF.

In early 2010, when Pincus Shain abandoned his empire and released the Topix Dinosaur Forum to the contributors, the TDF became part of the Empire (though never becoming as popular as Prehistopia due to a few minor trolls). However, all good things have to come to an end.

Prehistopia Incident and fall of the EmpireEdit

On July 29th, 2010, Prehistopia was hacked and destroyed by Aequitas the Eliberator. The aftermath was devastating. Prehistopia was forced to be abandoned, and the outcry on the Topix Dinosaur Forum drove it into chaos.