Faction Faction
Paleo Insanity Contributors Trolls
Commander(s) Commander(s)
Spinosaur King Giganotosaurus Fan
Forces Forces


Lord Of The Allosaurs

Spinosaur King

Xobor Support

Giganotosaurus Fan

Psyco Spot

Numerous Spam Bots

Outcome Outcome

Victory; Spinosaur King is given admin rights and bans the trolls from Paleo Insanity, which is then organized into Imperial Hub

Defeat, Psyco Spot retreats back to Youtube after being banned and Giganotosaurus Fan retreats to an unknown location.

The Great Paleo Insanity War was a conflict between the Contributors of Paleo Insanity, and Giganotosaurus Fan's Troll Army. Started by the Contributors with the intention of holding the troll army back, the Great Paleo Insanity War ultimately led to the destruction and reorganuzation of Paleo Insanity into Imperial Hub. The War also resulted in the (perhaps permanent) destruction of the Giga Fans army, and the defeat of Giganotosaurus Fan.


The Great Paleo Insanity War occured at the end of the Paleo Insanity Incident, during which trolls were flooding the largely abandoned forum, along with several dozen CPU Spam Accounts (CPUSAs), which was resulting in the slow, destructive death of the forum. Abandoned by the Administrator, Moderators, and all but three of the most devoted users (Spinosaur King, LOTA, and Spinodontosaurus), Paleo Insanity was becoming a troll hell hole. This came to the attention of LOTA, Spinosaur King, and Spinodon, and they repeatedly contacted Stygimoloch, the Administrator, to no avail. Then, in May 2010, the trolls' leader, Giganotosaurus Fan, arrived, and began viciously trolling the forum. With no other option, the three Contributors took on the army of trolls by themselves....

Early BattlesEdit

The fighting was ferocious, as LOTA, Spinodontosaurus and Spinosaur King took out one after another of Giga Fan's minions. Dismayed at his opponents' early victory, Giga Fan himself entered the fray. This turned out to be a turning point in the war, as Giga Fan was now more determined than ever to defeat his enemies and destroy the forum. His insults were harsher and more insulting than before. Overwhelmed by the constant attacks, Spinosaur King, LOTA, and Spinodontasaurus withdrew, and Giga Fan continued his rampage.

The BanishmentEdit

As GigaFan mercilessly tore apart the forum, the Contributers could only watch helplessly as their once safe have from the previous war fell apart. Their last hope came from Xobor, who managed to appoint Spinosaur King as the new Administrator of Paleo Insanity ( Stygimoloch abandoned the forum following the uprising against Trolltopia). Weilding his positional powers, Spinosaur King swiftly banned GigaFan's army, defeating him and ending the invasion.

Aftermath and the end of Paleo InsanityEdit

Following Spinosaur King's position to admin, GigaFan's once glorious troll army was utterly destroyed. Psycho Spot, second-in-command, folowing his banishment, sought refuge back at Youtube, and was never seen again. GigaFan retreated to parts unknown, and the Paleo Insanity Contributers managed to save the forum; or not. The conflict, though brief, completely annihilated what was left of the ptiful ruins of Stygimoloch's paradise. As the fires died down, Spinosaur King stepped down as admin, and later on, managed to rebuild and reshape the ashes into Imperial Hub, which still stands today. However, the site is pretty much abandoned, as the Paleo Insanity Incident and Great Paleo Insanity War's scars are still lingering on said forum, wounds that will never fully heal.