The experts are mistaken, or TEAM, is a troll on the Topix Dinosaur Forum.


The Experts are Mistaken arived in mid 2010. TEAM originaly started out as a fanboy and sometimes light troll, often claiming that most studies were proven wrong. Eventually, large amounts of users began to criticise him and argue with him, causing him to leave.


The Experts are Mistaken returned again in early 2011. TEAM saw there was chaos and uncertainty in the forum, and decided to start trolling. He began to impersonate a user who insulted TEAM a lot, Razor Jaws. This infuriated him, and again even further when A Plot Device began doing it too. Later, however, TEAM got bored and left once again.

Second ReturnEdit

TEAM later returned to Topix in late 2011, during The Second Topix Civil War, and trolled, mainly against Nitrox. He no longer posted very frequently after that, although he came back to TDF from time to time and was largely ignored, even by other trolls. In the summer of 2012, he occasionally flamed Doctor Facepalm and Coprolite but was seen as insignificant. Since then, throughout 2013, 2014, and most of 2015, he generally made a few posts every couple of weeks and was replied to by other trolls and troll-feeders like tyrannospinus. In a surprising instance of the stopped clock phenomenon, he supported Coprolite1 in June 2014 against a resurgent normal Aussie, and helped to defeat him for good. After a long absence between October 2015 and December 2016, he returned once again to make off-topic comments.