Faction Faction
Contributors Trolls
Commander(s) Commander(s)
Lord Vader

SpinoX000 (First Part Only)

Ethan Dino (Second Part Only)

Forces Forces

Spino vs Rex XL


Dino Freak USA

Ethan Dino (First Part Only)

Several more minor contributors

Clones of SpinoX000 (First Part Only)

Clones of Ethan Dino (Second Part Only)

Outcome Outcome

Victory, Defeat, Eventual Victory: The contributors defeat SpinoX000 however Ethan Dino manages to take over Topix but is later defeated by Lord Vader's rebellion.

Defeat, Victory, Eventual Defeat: SpinoX000 is defeated but later Ethan Dino manages to take over the forum however is later defeated by a group of rebels.

The 2008/2009 Troll Crisis was a period in 2008-2009 when the trolls SpinoX000 and Ethan Dino attacked the forum. Although SpinoX000 was defeated, Ethan Dino managed to take over topix using an army of clones of himself. Fortunatly, his empire was fairly weak and unstable and was later defeated by a group of rebels led by the contributor Lord Vader.

Attack By SpinoX000Edit

Although at the time topix was relitively peacefull, there had been a few trolls on the forum. One was the immense Spinosaurus fanboy SpinoX000. After a while of his trolling, he had begun to be ignored. That forced him to begin trolling users with insults and fanboyism. This was the birth of the first part of the crisis. He created many clones of himself in an attempt to take over the forum. He did manage to troll up the forum quite a bit, but eventually Wilferrel and a few other contributors engaged in a long flame war with him were he was eventually defeated.

Attack by Ethan DinoEdit

Unforunatly, after SpinoX000 attacked the forum had been damaged quite a bit. In late 2008 the forum was attacked by another troll named Ethan Dino along with his army of clones and began the second part of the crisis.. This suprised many users as Ethan was once a contributor. Many of the contributors were quick to attack him, however Ethans numbers simply overwhelmed them. Along with that, a few other trolls arrived and began trolling the forum. This resulted in the defeat of the Contributors, and the forum fell into the hands of Ethan.


Up untill early 2009, Ethan had been ruling the TDF without problems. However, Ethans empire was weak and unstable. The popular contributor Lord Vader had created a rebellion in an attempt to free topix. He attacked in April 2009. Although Ethan Dino and his allys did put up a good fight, after a week of nonstop fighting Lord Vader and his rebellion sucessfully freed Topix.


Although Ethan Dino's empire was destroyed, he still continued to troll the forum. This was ended after a few months by the Contributor Wilferrel. Wilferel defeated Ethan and exiled him. The cleanup for Ethans crimes did take a while, and the forum experienced a brief period of peace. Unfortunatly, the forum was badly shaken by this crisis, and that would help form a war later in the year.