Spinodontosaurus is a Contributor on Topix, Paleo Place and Imperial Palace. He is known for his often very informational and helpful posts and is known to have often debated with Anomonyous on many subjects due to conflicting views. He played an important part in numerous Topix Wars.

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He no longer posts on Topix or its related sites. Currently he in-frequently posts on the Primal Carnage forums (a multiplayer human vs dinosaur game currently in development by indie developer Lukewarm Media) on which he donated money to the project early on in its development to help the small company fund the game.

He can also be seen occasionally on YouTube.

Personality & SkillsEdit

Spinodontosaurus is a highly intelligent contributor. His views are often based solely on fact, and not on personal preference or fanboyism. His posts are often highly detailed, and regularly contain links which he uses to support his arguments. Spinodontosaurus strongly supports spinosaurids and carcharodontosaurids, which has led to disagreements with other contributors, but these disputes were minor. Spinodontosaurus is usually very calm; he almost never shows anger or replies to trolls (although he sometimes does express frustration when dealing with persistent fanboys).

Level: Class 10 contributor; on topic, freshens threads, frequently attempts to correct fanboys, and rarely responds to trolls.