Spammintroll679 was a spammer and a troll who attacked for little time during Jan. 16th-25th of 2013. He caused Paleo to leave. Then he began trolling newer users like Tyrant Lizard King. He also involved in a flame war between him and Mraptorx . Where Spammintroll679 lost. A day later, he announced that he will stop trolling and begin discussing on the discuss forum.

He later became a contributor on it.

Class 2 troll (Formerly)-Uses many insults which are harsh and surprise many users as they are very insulting. He will use weak impersonations as well.

Class 4 contributor ( Only On Discuss Forum)-He was very respected under the name of T-RexUSA. As he makes decent contributions. He tends to help users out. He was a former admin but departued then returned and continued what he has done.