Ripa the Vraptor's IP avatar.

Ripa The Vraptor, or simply known as "Ripa", is a class 6 Contributor on Imperial Palace and, rarely, the Topix Dinosaur Forum. She is also perhaps the only existing female user in the TDF empire.

She first arrived back in 2008 in Topix temporarily as a Velociraptor fangirl, but left due to uninterest. A few years later she returned more mature with a fresh account and has been a consistent on-topic Contributor ever since.

Personality & SkillsEdit

She is known for generally being kind and accepting to all other users, and also for her great drawing skills.


Currently she spends most of her time on Imperial Palace, almost never posting on Topix (understandable due to all the trolls). She is waiting for TDF to be returned to the former glory it once was, only then will she become an active poster on TDF like she once was.