Raptor216 was a dubious contributor (considered by most to be a fanboy) who appeared on the Topix Dinosaur Forum in April 2013. He was biased, and thought that palaeontology had no science in it. He left after a few days, until he returned on September 22, 2013.

He is best known for having an intense fight with Paleoworld-101 after he started saying things like T-rex was the correct abbreviation for Tyrannosaurus rex. He also called other users fanboys when they provided evidence that contradicted his views, which was met by more criticism from users like Balaur and Pinky And Ze Brain.

This infuriated Paleoworld-101, so he engaged him in a very brief flame war, lasting a mere couple of days. Raptorialhawk, posting as "White_Hawk", assumed a sceptical attitude towards Raptor216 immediately, starting his comment with: "You are neither the first nor last idiot that has arrived on Topix." However, raptorialhawk, after being persuaded by several other IP users, changed his attitude to a more neutral standpoint. After several other contributors backed him up (such as Balaur and initially raptorialhawk), Paleoworld-101 ultimately won the flame war and Raptor216 left on September 25th, 2013.

Some users, like Tyranna2, however, wanted to give him a second chance and wished to let Raptor216 come to Imperial Palace. Many other users have also shifted towards this viewpoint.

According to Tyranna2:

"This contribution could not be more wrong. No one WON here... everyone LOST...

It makes Raptor216 out to be a troll...  HE WAS NOT.

He was a kid just starting out just like most of us did, fanboy, naive, learning.  Paleo + raptorialhawk, instead of helping, reasoning, and discussing, ripped into him about the trivial miss-spelling of an abbreviation like a pair of pedantic trolls!

I'm not 'some users'... I expressed my disapproval at what had taken place, and pointed out that if he HAD been given one chance... he may have ended up on IP."

Luckily, Raptor216 posted again on October 11th, once again on the "T-rex would kill king kong"-thread, and was welcomed back by raptorialhawk in the hopes of giving Tyranna2 another chance to persuade him onto IP. However, he has not posted since October 13th.