PaundieN1 is a user who has recieved mixed opinions throughout his time on Topix. He has been recognized as a Contributor by many, but some others thought him to by a fanboy of Tyrannosaurus rex. He did contribute to threads, and helped to fight off trolls from time to time.


Topix War IEdit

Topix War IIEdit

Topix War IIIEdit

Paleo Place CreationEdit

Current StatusEdit

Ever since Xobor vastly lowered Paleo Place's security for not paying them, PaudieN1 and every other user abandoned the site. This was the last time he was seen on any forum.


PaudieN1 is known as a valuable contributor, and is known for his ability to keep cool until things get extreme. In extreme circumstances, though, outrage can be noticed. His creation of Paleo Place has benefited many users.