Nitrox (formerly known as Razor Jaws, Spinosaur Claw, Nhazul and Neon Drane) is a Topix Contributor, though once was a fanboy of large proportions. He showed clear favoritism towards Spinosaurus which instantly ruined his credibility in his earlier months. He would slowly developed into a Contributor, especially after gaining more respect from Troodon8888.


Nitrox, then known as Razor Jaws, joined the forum in december 2010. At first, because he contributed to threads and posted on-topic posts, most users thought he would be a valuable Contributor. However, after Razor Jaws began posting on Spinosaurus-Related threads, it became clear he was a major fanboy. It was also later revealed he was a creationist. This quickly infuriated many users, who began to argue with him. After a while, Razor Jaws created a thread called "My last stand", showing all his proof that God and what not was real. He then left for about a month.


After about a month, Razor Jaws returned, now under the name Neon Drane. Something that surprised most users was that he wasn't trying to force everyone to believe in God, and he wasn't a real fanboy anymore. He began contributing like a normal user. However, soon, a minor fanboy named The Experts Are Mistaken came onto the forum. TEAM began impersonating Neon Drane, which infuriated him. Later, A Plot Device began impersonating him as well.

This infuriated Neon Drane, causing him to leave once more, this time, for a much shorter time period. When he returned, the forum was in the midst of The Second Topix Civil War. He quickly joined sides with Enraged Giga and Mattking in their flame war with Pissin scot, though eventually scot was reported and banned.

Following the Civil War, he began contributing normally all the way until early 2012. He began declining the rate of his posts, until his presence on the TDF was essentially non-existent. During the Topix Cold War, he did return and spar briefly with some of the trolls, however, eventually the contributors were defeated. Nitrox made a few posts in mid and late 2012, although they were each extremely infrequent.

He posted very briefly on Imperial Palace, but he soon left. It is unknown what caused him to leave.