PredatorX (formerly known as Megaraptor or Mraptorx) was a contributor on the Topix Dinosaur Forum. At first he was not well respected, and known as a Megaraptor fanboy.


PredatorX arrived as Megaraptor in late June 2012, he very well supported Megaraptor in the "Utahraptor vs Megaraptor" thread with facts. Contributors like Tyrannosaurus101 felt like Pred' was on his way to be very respected, although he was a huge Megaraptor fanboy, during this time in June. The forum seemed on-topic. Megaraptor tried the best he can to stay away from trolls like Altanative Whatever and Bunny Rabbit/Doctor Facepalm. In the meanwhile, he contributed in peace, gaining more respect from users and stopped being a Megaraptor fanboy.

Flame War With Doctor FacepalmEdit

Megaraptor began arguing with Doctor Facepalm on on-topic threads. Using links, though, some trolls (sometimes including Facepalm) began interrupting the contributions. Facepalm began making contributions nearly impossible. Megaraptor (Now under the name Predator X) began flaming Facepalm, however Facepalm simply ignored him. Eventually Predator X decided to stop wasting his time flaming Facepalm, and he left Topix and joined Imperial Palace, although soon left that place as well.

Imperial PalaceEdit

He had registered on Imperial Palace after leaving the TDF. However, he no longer posts there.