Migatte, also known as Makayo, or Makayotyrannus imperator, is a contributor who arrived on Topix in mid February of 2018. He is notable for leading a vain effort in repelling the trolls at Topix, and also for his love for civil, scientific discussions.

History Edit

Origins Edit

Migatte first made his internet presence known when he registered on the forum Dinosaur Home in mid January of 2018. He quickly became popular at the forum, but one of his friends, Carnoferox, warned him of Topix. Migatte then headed over to Topix in February.

Arrival Edit

Migatte registered on Topix only to find a battlefield in ruins, as only two users had been attempting to face off against trolls, Dinosaurine and Vipersocal, which the former left the forum. Migatte first made a post discussing how members of Spinosauridae would have catched their prey. Migatte then saw his biggest rival, coelophysis, and immediately went on the offensive. Coelophysis disliked Migatte due to the latter's origins on Dinosaur Home, a forum which the former was banned at the end of April the previous year. Migatte tried to convince coelophysis that crocodylomorphs were not dinosaurs, but this was in vain.

Current Status Edit

Migatte has only returned around June, and he immediately blasts against new trolls. Migatte has grown concerned that he may accidentally become a troll without realizing it, much like how JMD did briefly. However he is now leading a one user assault against the many trolls.