Evan was a troll who arrived in late 2008. He was known for his annoying and stupid comments.

He usually had terrible spelling and grammar, and often left many insulting comments. Eventually, a flame war started between Evan and the Topix community. He was eventually defeated and left for some time, then, in 2010, during Topix War III, returned as "Chase Kellogg" (later Chase King), who at first denied any connection with Evan, later admitting he indeed was.

He returned to Topix in late January 2015 and dug up a few threads to insult Spinosaur King. Like the idiot he was, however, he did not realise that TDF had long since been abandoned by him and the other contributors, who had fled to Zetaboards Imperial Palace.

Class 6 troll- Very annoying, spammed, and made many incorrect statements.