Ernst Udet was a contributor on the Topix Dinosaur Forum. He first arrived in 2008 and immediately began contributing, though was a minor fanboy. However, he rapidly stopped his fanboyism and made contributions of extreme value. In 2009, he took part in Topix War I and II. During Topix War I, he played a very minor role. However, in Topix War II, he was one of the main fighters. He was driven off of Topix by Pincus Shain & The Texas Duo after the trolls won Topix War II, although shortly after that, he formed the Topix Insurgency. On January 11th, he, along with Big Al and Spinosaur King declared war on TrollTopia. At first, the contributors were at a disadvantage, although quickly gained the upper hand, pushing Texasaurus & Mike Anderson back. However, once Pincus Shain interfered, Ernst Udet & the other contributors began to fall back, although the war lasted long enough for some users to escape from the clutches of the trolls and to flee to other forums like Paleo Insanity. Ernst Udet boldly kept fighting, but it was pointless, the trolls were nearing victory. Ernst Udet refused to surrender, so he fought until the trolls' official victory. After he and the Insurgency lost the war, he disbanded the Insurgency to avoid being forced to surrender, & left the forum forever a few minutes later