Draco the Dragon was a troll that came to the forum in Novmber 2007, and left in February 2008. He is well known for his insults against other users, and his fanboyism for dragons. His famous quote was "For God's sake, dragon would obviously win". He used that quote even in fights not involving dragons.



Draco the Dragon arrived in November 2007 (therefore being one of the first trolls on the forum), and immediately began posting fanboyish comments about dragons, polluting many fight threads about dinosaurs. Many users attempted to fight back, but they were simply outmatched by his many clones. In just a short period of time, Draco had infested the dinosaur forum, and drove several users away. Something had to be done.

War with wilferrelEdit

Finally in Febuary 2008, wilferrel had just about enough. He engaged in a long flame war with Draco, and in the same month, defeated and exiled him. The fanboy's reign of terror had ended.


Class 7 troll-Bashed down many users, excessive dragon fanboyism, and creation of numerous clones.