Dinotrek27 arrived on Topix on November 11, 2011. He was a Contributor

known for his knowledge, r

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easonable personality, and finally, his extremely good writing skill. He was respected by Balaur, Troodon8888 and most Topix Contributors.

He had debated with qwrup and Troodon8888 about religion which ended in disbandment for the fight after urges from other users to stop.

Eventually fleeing to Imperial Palace following the Topix Cold War, his rate of posts began declining until September 2012, when he left. He later returned in December of 2014, and continues to contribute to Imperial Palace.


Dinotrek27 arrived to Topix while surfing for information about common dinosaur discussions. He had come to Topix while looking for that. He arrived around the time in which The Second Topix Civil War was brewing, but despite this, for a good few months after he arrived, he did mostly contribute.


Dinotrek was well respected by the other contributors, due to his large knowledge about dinosaurs and his likeable personality. He was known to often stop flame wars before they would even happen, due to his unbiased nature. He often wrote "story threads", threads which were stories about dinosaurs and their lives. They were generally well received, although some of his stories were criticized for being impossible. Despite this, he was most well known for his writing.


Despite his generally likable personality, he did get into numerous debates and flame wars, mainly over his religion. In December of 2011, he got involved in a debate with numerous other users over his religion, which was caused when he used the Bible as a source in one of his threads. The debate only lasted a little while, however, and after constant urges from other users to stop trolling, he did.

During the Second Topix Civil War, he did not become directly involved, although he did briefly engage in a flame war with Pissin scot, however he stopped when Scot stopped flaming him and instead targeted Enraged Giga and Mattking.

Following the Civil War, he continued contributing, only occasionally becoming involved in an argument. When the Topix Cold War occurred, like the Second Civil War, he did not directly attempt to flame the trolls, simply trying to ignore them as best as he could. Eventually though, in the end, he was forced to leave to Imperial Palace as the trolls took over the TDF.

On Imperial Palace, he did contribute, however not as often as he did on the TDF. By late 2012, he completely stopped posting. However, in late 2014 he did suddenly return. As of 2015, he continues to contribute on Imperial Palace.

Personality and ReputationEdit

Dinotrek was well liked amongst almost all contributors, and even some trolls such as Pissin Scot, despite engaging in a flame war with him. Despite sometimes using sources other contributors deemed untrustworthy, such as The Bible, he was generally known for his strong understanding of science and unbiased nature.