The Dino Den incident was an incident that occured in the late stages of The Second Topix Civil War. After a brief flame war with certain users on topix, the troll pissin scot had been reported and banned from Topix. However, he had not been fully defeated.


The beggining of the incident happened in May 2011, In the late stages of the ongoing Civil War. Although most of the conflict had been stabalized, the troll pissin scot had begun attacking the Topix Dinosaur Forum. Although a large amount of users attacked him, such as Mattking and Enraged Giga, scot was simply to powerfull and overwhelmed them. On the verge of defeat, Enraged Giga reported scot to topix. Within half an hour, a moderator passed by and banned scot, and removed all his trolling and insults. Unfortunatly, scot wasn't fully defeated.

Attack on Dino DenEdit

Seeking revenge on Enraged Giga, scot attacked his own forum, Dino Den, and began trolled it and nearly destroyed it. After about 10 minutes of scots trolling, Enraged Giga returned to the forum. Unforunatly, Enraged Giga was new with his admin tools, and wasn't quite able to find the tool he needed. Scot continued to spammed the forum with harsh, racist and sexual insults, nearly destroying it. Enraged Giga attempted to ban scot, however every time he would simply change his IP and register again, and continue trolling.

Defeat of scotEdit

After about half and hour of trolling, Enraged Giga finally found the tool he needed: The ability to lock threads. Enraged Giga did so, and soon scot realized that he could not post and left the TDF empire. Although Enraged Giga managed to clean up the incident, most users left Dino Den after the incident, The incident, along with the establishmen of the Topix Republic symbolized the end of The Second Topix Civil War.