In Topix talk, a Contributor is a user that helps Topix and other websites produced by the community and takes a helpful part in regular discussions. In the simplest terms, contributors are any users who are not trolls. The Contributors generally outnumber trolls, with the exception of the times known as the Dark Ages. Contributors are as varied as trolls, however they tend to have a few characteristics in common. Most contributors are social, as opposed to trolls who are generally loners. Contributors also tend to stay on topic and do not create spam or insult other users, with the exception of trolls. Contributors look forward to development of a forum, and they try to maintain ties with possible fellow debater-contributors - though this has led to many Flame Wars in the past.

List of notable Contributors


New Users: These are users who have just joined the TDF empire or changed there ways after being a troll. Most new users end up being revealed to be fanboys and end up simply spamming, however some of them go on to develop into more trusted contributors. Users generally welcome and encourage new users on arrival, unless of course they are fanboys. Many new users, however, tend to feed trolls by replying and insulting them. 

Trusted Users: Trusted Users are users who have contributed in the empire for a while (Usually one month) and contributions are generally valued. They contribute amongst the forum on a regular basis and tend to ignore most trolls. Trusted Users often quickly rise from this rank, due to their experience refining there contributions. Some Trusted Users, however, remain stationary at their rank as other things prevent them from contributing more. 

Respected Users: Respected Users are users who contribute often, and have almost always valuable and un-biased posts and rarely feed trolls at all. They have often been on the empire for several months, and are well known by other users. 

Senior Users: Senior Users are users who have either actively contributed for a long period of time, usually in excess of a year, or always contribute with valid, on-topic and respectful posts, many times a mix of both. They are usually very well known by most users and well respected.