Billy Joe Jack was a troll and heavy flamer who arrived in mid-2011, and left very shortly after arriving. He later returned once again during The Second Topix Civil War, however left after the establishment of the Topix Republic. He simply trolled and insulted users randomly, without any clear direction.

Arival and Quick DefeatEdit

Billy Joe Jack arrived in mid-2011, during one of the few peacefull times in the forum's few peacefull periods. He began randomly insulting users, often using heavy swears and derogatory terms. Despite his intense insults, he was mostly ignored. Unfortunately, this only lead to him increasing the rate of his insults until they were nearly unignorable. A small group of users, including Mattking and Nitrox began a flame war with Billy Joe Jack, and despite his heavy insults, he was rapidly defeated and swiftly left the forum.

Second Return and DefeatEdit

Billy Joe returned once again amidst the chaos of The Second Topix Civil War under several different names. He was one of the few trolls that insulted users during the war. He mostly focused his insults on the users who had attacked him during his first visit to Topix, and once again engaged in a flame war with them. The flame war began in his hand, however, Billy Joe Jack eventually began "falling back, " as the majority of contributors stopped paying attention to him. Despite him being ignored and outnumbered, he continued to troll and flame users. Finally, when Enraged Giga reported pissin scot to Topix, a few moderators passed by and banned scot, along with Billy Joe Jack.