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7Alx is an active contributor on Topix and Imperial Palace. He is an on-topic poster and generally provides many facts to support his arguments. Although he seldom posts, his posts are generally of good value. He first arrived in March 2012 and quickly began contributing. During his time on Topix he was usually able to ignore the trolls like Prime, Dr. Facepalm, and Crazy Fish. He is regarded as a very sensible poster by many, due to the fact that he could stay on-topic and provide valuable resources. He did not seem to have any bias for any animal, and showed no fanboyism at all. He left Topix due to all the spamming and the constant off-topic posts made by trolls (chiefly Altanative Whatever, Dr. Facepalm, and Coprolite). He still posts on Imperial Palace. However he has returned to Topix as Phobosuchus riograndensis. He will not usually write here though. 

Alternate names: Allosaurus europaeus (very rarely), I AM THE TABLE (sometimes) and Phobosuchus riograndensis. 

The username I AM THE TABLE is taken from part of Lou Reed and Metallica's song "The View", when James Heitfield sings "I am the table". However he dislike this song, even though he actually like some parts.