The 2012 Russia Forum Incursion was an event happening in late 2012, which involved TDF. It first started when Pinky And Ze Brain, a minor to moderate troll on Topix, traveled to the Topix Russia Forum (TRF) and began trolling. Almost immediately, PAZB's troll ally, Altanative Whatever, followed him there and joined into the trolling. While only a few TRF users made posts on the TDF, many TDF users began posting on the Russia Forum, so much so that it became a second battlefield between the troll Coprolite1 and his rivals Crazy Fish, AW, and PAZB. Coprolite1, while flaming the other trolls, also got into a fight with some TRF users, notably Dimitri100, who had a bias towards people of English descent. Dimitri100, who prejudiced all northwestern Europeans as "Anglo-Saxons," began insulting Coprolite1, while AW and PAZB aided Coprolite1 in his war with Dimitri100. Another TRF user, named Pro Ukraine, who disliked Dimitri100, also started flaming the TDF users. PAZB and AW, in addition to laughing at the immature TRF users, recreated some of their favourite TDF threads, such as "The forums biggest mook," or "Religion Is A Myth," on the TRF. By November 2012, the TDF users had ceased most of their trolling on TRF, although AW remained there for a while longer, into early 2013, due to him particularly enjoying the forum that PAZB had originally explored.

Recently, in April 2014, PAZB had again visited the Russia Forum, and flamed some of the users who remained there. However, despite the fact that he didn't do so as frequently, he was still considered a nuisance to the forum.